Portal for Louise Nevelson

Portal for Louise Nevelson


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portal for
Louise Nevelson

Abstract sculptor

Fiber & ceramic
Measurements: 37" x 18"

This portal is part of a series
The Pussy Party
inspired by Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.
Each an homage to a women artist who has effected me and fueled the fires my creative path. Taking cues from Chicago's beautiful masterpiece honoring hundreds of women that changed the course of history with their contributions, many of which have gone virtually unrecognized for their accomplishments.

Each hand wrapped composition is created as a celebratory meditation of the feminine. Part of an ongoing series sprung from a deep appreciation for female makers, each one influential to her.
A portal for birthing ideas, a channel for conjuring.
The meditative process of hand wrapping each one helps to ground and center. The gestures in the process of hand wrapping them mimic the cyclical repetition of breath, waves, or spirals.
Each one is created with a specific female artist in mind, drawing from the chosen artist’s palette to harness color stories that resonate. The bands of color resemble tree rings or sound waves.

Duality of strength and vulnerability, power and receptivity

Thank you for looking please note with handmade items variations and imperfections often occur

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